Nature has given us an astonishing wealth of precious stones. These include Diamonds, Emeralds, Pearls, Yellow Sapphires, Blue Sapphires, Rubies,etc. Study of the physical, and chemical properties of gemstones constitutes the science of Gemology.

Ancient Indian astrologers have associated specific gemstones with planets. This intriguing art has proved itself extremely effective, innumerable times. The correct choice of the gemstone is done on the basis of study of a person’s horoscope.

The planets that are having an unduly negative effect can be ameliorated, and the helpful influences of the other planets enhanced. It has been seen that the right gemstone has a positive effect on a person’s life, helping him to be more stable, positive, courageous, enthusiastic, prosperous and lucky. Such use of gemstones has first been mentioned elaborately in the ancient Rugveda, Devi Bhagwat, Mahabharat, and Agnipuran. The poetry of Kalidas the famous ancient Indian poet, and other Vedic literature gives details about the use of gemstones. The base on which Indian Astrology rests is the Brihatsanhita by Ayaryavrahmihir, has also elaborately described the right way of the use of gems.

The west also had knowledge of such a use of gemstones. Napoleon Bonapart, Alexander, Julius Caesar, were known to have intense belief and interest in gemstones. A number of such incidences are well known. In the west there is a trend of deciding upon a particular colour of clothing, and of gemstones, depending upon the month of birth. Here the Sun signs are considered.

The Indian Astrologers decide upon which gemstone would be helpful, by studying the horoscope, and studying the lines on the palms. There are two lines of thinking in this. One says that, the planet that is the weakest in the horoscope or the mount on the palm that is most depressed is the planet, which should be strengthened, by use of the appropriate gemstone. Another says that the planet, which is the strongest, is the one that should be strengthened further.

Generally, the 1st , 5th , 9th , and 10th houses having their owner planets in the same house or planets in the exalted state, are the ones that should be considered to be further enhanced by gemstones. This method has many proponents, and has been proved to be very effective.

The use of gemstones and their selectivity has been experimented with since over a 1000 years. A large number of experiences have given birth to the artistic use of the science of gemology  You will observe that many famous personalities sport some or the other gemstone, in a ring on their fingers. But many are still unaware of the amazing effect of gems. Today, science comes to our aid, in knowing the value, and authenticity of gems. Whether a gem is natural, synthetic, or an imitation stone is easily diagnosed today under the microscope, and knowledge of the gemologist.