Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is a book which is written for the common people in easy language and in it very simple remedies are given to solve certain day to day problems occurring in life. It has its unique grammar and further its classification is great.
He was blessed with an exceptionally good handwriting and it continued to excel in it till his very end, was very fond of good quality pens and had a remarkable collection of expensive pens of all brands.
Vaastu Shastra Services is an effective & versatile way to make a radical difference in yours life. It plays an important role in health, happiness & harmony. Vastu Shastra is not a magic, but only the pure science of structures, vibrations & energy. It is a multipurpose and all encompassing way to look at human problems. A correct Vastu gives out positive energy that helps the environment work in your favor  Vastu is a simple, practical technique to identify and deal with hidden energies in your surrounding, imbalances & stagnating circumstances.

Pt. B.K. Sandiyla ji started his astrological journey with the study of palmistry. Thereafter he studied in astronomy and astrology and studied all the astrological works in detail. He reached the conclusion that the planetary effects of planets on human destiny can be judged by both palmistry and astrology. He also had god gifted knowledge of reading signs, such as facial features, built etc. also he possessed the knowledge of vaastu. He attempted to combine all these by inter-linking them and termed this combined knowledge as Samudrik knowledge i.e. the ocean where all these predictive and remedial science or arts mingled.
When someone will start reading the Lal kitab they will definitely believe that it is written for them only and that is ithe beauty of this book that you start looking things surrounding you as per the Lal kitab theory and you start yourself transforming into a better personality and a free person from problems and diseases. The one and only one simple rule is to be followed in reading this book is that make your inner as pure as one can and respect the feelings of others and try to be helpful to everybody.it is written by pandit ji. Kar bhala hoga bhala aakhir bhale ka bhala means keep on doing good deeds at the end you will get good in return of good.